NO DEPOSIT through January 31st!
5 bedroom farmhouse has been rented
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Pay Rent Online Using Paypal!

We now accept rent payments through PayPal For your added convenience you can pay online whether you have a paypal account of your own or not.

Best of all it is FREE! if you have your bank account linked with your PayPal account.

If paying by credit card, or your account is not linked please add 2.9% + .30 cents to your payment amount.
Example: Rent payment of $500 x .029 + .30 = $514.80 total payment.

You'll enjoy these benefits!:
  • It's completely secure.
  • No checks to write.
  • Instant receipt.
  • Avoid late fees.
  • Nothing to mail or drop off at the office, save gas!
  • Pay your application fee, rent, deposit from where ever you are around the world!
  • Please add an additional 1% for overseas payments if you have no PayPal account.
  • Short on cash for rent and deposit? PayPal has a 6 month payment option! No payments or interest for 6 months!