No Deposit special ends January 31st~

Mobile homes FOR SALE, or RENT in our mobile home park in Newton, KS. Rent is $295 per month. Sale prices range from $2500 to $3500 per home. We are installing new flooring and doing some remodeling on 2 of the homes.  Lot lease required. Criminal, eviction, credit, background checks mandatory. 1 year good rental history is required without a co-signer. Stable employment or other income required.
No Felony convictions within the last ten years.

Homes are located at 1800 Windsor Dr. in Newton Kansas across from Northridge elementary.  Homes available are on lots 2, and 11.

Call 785-317-7086

Farco Investments, LLC
(785) 317-7086
In Manhattan Kansas
Newton Kansas
Junction City

Home has been rented as of 1/25/2015 until July 31st 2015.